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Get solar window screens exactly how you want them

Everything from the fabric to the frames is customizable, and pricing is based on square footage to give you a clearer picture of your investment.
Whether it’s for an entire house, a patio cover, a door or a small bathroom window, you will find a solar screen solution that works for you at Alamo Discount Solar Shades.

Keep the warranty on your windows intact

• Don’t sweat these solar shades San Antonio because our unique installation method uses clips that are screwed into the mortar, ensuring that your windows won’t be altered.

We guarantee long-lasting satisfaction

• Lifetime fabric warranty on all types of outdoor sun shades.
• A 10-year warranty on the frame and installation.

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Do you have a sky light that is letting in too much heat along with too much light? We can fix that! ALAMO DISCOUNT SOLAR SCREENS & SHADES is the ONLY company in the San Antonio and surrounding areas that has a sure proof method to block out t ... hat sun’s glare that is heating up the room with the sky light. It is a framed solar screen that is custom made to fit your skylight and custom fitted and attached. But don’t worry, IF you ever want to remove it, it is as simple as getting on the roof. As with all our solar screens, and roller shades, the fabric also comes with a life time warranty and frames, a 10 year warranty. We guarantee our workmanship and promise you will be satisfied.

Do you have a double patio door letting in too much heat? We also re-screen patio doors along with the stationery door to match. Just think about those nice mornings you can open your door to let the fresh air in, but still block out the sun’s glare and also give you privacy. ALAMO DISCOUNT SOLAR SCREENS & SHADES can add solar screen to any existing screen door. Just call us.

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